New location!

Welcome to my blog about what I am learning about peacemakers in Israel and Palestine. I began writing in 2008 after I met several Palestinians who told me, “If only Americans knew what is happening here, surely things would change for us.”

I decided to write what I have seen and heard.

Since 2005, I have visited Israel and Palestine six times and have shared many stories of Palestinians and Israelis who are working for a just peace. You can read them here:

Looking forward to posting on this new site–come back soon!


About Jan Miller

When I first visited Israel and Palestine in 2005, Palestinians I met asked me to tell their stories, because, they told me, "surely, if Americans knew what is happening here, our lives would change." Since then I have returned six times and I have heard this from more people than I can count. This blog tells their stories and the stories of the Israeli peace activists I have met who are working to build bridges of understanding with Palestinians and end their government's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.
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