Samer Issawi Re-arrested this week

Samer Issawi, whose 266-day hunger strike last year caught the world’s attention to the Israeli practice of holding Palestinians under “administrative detention.” These prisoners are held without any charges. Since the prisoners do not know why they are being held, their lawyers cannot make a case for their innocence. Administrative detention allows for imprisonment for up to six months and the sentence may be renewed an unlimited number of times.

Samidoun: Samer Issawi arrested June 23

Samidoun: Samer Issawi arrested June 23

Although Israel claims that these prisoners are being held because of they  pose a terrorist threat, hundreds of these prisoners are held for political reasons (which are not spelled out, since no charges are filed).

After serving 17 months in administrative detention, Samer Issawi was released in December, 2013, as part of the prisoner exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Now, in the roundup of 330 Palestinians following the kidnapping of the three teenage boys last week near Hebron, Samer Issawi has been taken into custody again.

Samidoun, the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, provides more information on his case and a way to take action to support his release. Take action now.

Read more about his case and his recent arrest on the Electric Intifada.


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When I first visited Israel and Palestine in 2005, Palestinians I met asked me to tell their stories, because, they told me, "surely, if Americans knew what is happening here, our lives would change." Since then I have returned six times and I have heard this from more people than I can count. This blog tells their stories and the stories of the Israeli peace activists I have met who are working to build bridges of understanding with Palestinians and end their government's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.
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